Welcome adventurers!

This is Mystara, the original setting for the earliest editions of D&D. Our game starts some 15-20 years after the end of the “official” D&D cannon, so some things are still the same, while others things have changed as the world continued to move forward.

The style of the game can be described as: fast-paced, swashbuckling, pulpy, high-magic, cliched-and-proud-of-it, and grand-in-scope. What it is not: rules-heavy, tactically-inclined, dark-and-heavy. The PCs are the good guys. The rules are only a guide on how to play, not an all-encompassing list of permissable actions and outcomes.

This game is for you if:

  • You love testing your mettle against the classics like mind-flayers, beholders, and dragons.
  • You expect to be richly rewarded for doing so.
  • You embrace the genre’s cliches and succeed in a Grapple check.
  • The thought of taking out a den of vile cultists makes you grin from ear to ear.
  • You can deal with bending a few rules every now and then, all in the name of more fun for everyone.
  • You enjoy developing your character over time and having his/her actions have an impact in the wider world.
  • You like a mix of sandbox and linear adventures.
  • You don’t underestimate the value of retreating as needbe.
  • A mix of social/skill encounters and hack-and-slash seems like fun.
  • You are NOT a military strategist, tactical combat enthusiast, nor an arguementative rules-lawyer.

In this campaign the heroes will start from humble beginnings in the town of Threshold, known for its abundance of adventuring opportunities and its logging industry. Where the heroes end up . . . is up to them . . .

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